5 Javelin Throw Tips for Javelin Throwers

Published: 08th January 2009
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These javelin tips should fast track your javelin throwing and take you to the next level of javelin training in short order. Apply these javelin tips to your javelin training today and watch them make that javelin fly!

Tip #1) Relax Your Javelin Throwing Arm: Do the same thing top sprinters do when they're trying to go faster at the end of the 100-meter dash. Sprinters relax so that they can move faster. You can do the same thing with your throwing arm, which will allow it to move faster. You don't have to take all the tension out of it, just keep it loose cause loose is fast! This could add an extra ½ meter to 1.5 meters to your javelin throw literally overnight!

Tip #2) Focus on Your Standstill Javelin Throwing Ability First: The amount of distance you can generate from a standstill javelin throw is extremely important. Focus on improving the distance you can throw from a standstill position and you'll start adding distance to your javelin throw. Apply every tip you in this document that you can to your standstill throw and practice it every single practice for at least 10-15 minutes after you've warmed up.

Tip #3) Watch the Weights: Try to avoid excessive "bulk building style" weight training. Too much bulking up can cause you to add excess, slow muscle that won't move quickly when you apply it to your javelin throwing. Remember that javelin is a velocity-based sport and not a force-based sport such as shot put. In other words, it's much more important that your arm can move quickly versus how much weight it can move. Read more about the javelin force-velocity curve at www.throwjavelin.com to understand how to train for more velocity.

Tip #4) Don't Ever Lean Back: I know this sounds wrong but you never need to lean back during a javelin throw. Javelin throwers drive their hips and lower body forward, which gives the illusion that they're leaning back. Some beginner javelin throwers can mistake the driving forward motion as a leaning back motion. Make sure you're simply trying to create forward motion and try to keep your body basically upright while you deliver a javelin throw and you'll add distance instead of just airtime.

Tip #5) Engage Your Core: I've said it a 100 times and I'll say it again because it's just that important: Engage your core! Draw your stomach in so that your deep abdominal muscles are firing during your javelin throw. This will guarantee that you get all the power you can from your core which can add major distance in a very short period of time to your javelin throw, not to mention protect your spine during the javelin throwing motion.

Javelin tips like these are just the tip of the iceberg at www.throwjavelin.com. Drop by and pick up our FREE 25 Javelin Throwing Secrets Special Report for more great info on the fantastic sport of javelin throwing.

Yours truly, Chucker

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